Saturday, July 28, 2007

Visit with Tay

Taylor and I at the Nature Museum in the the butterfly haven.

Skot and Tay at Lincoln Park Zoo.

This was a hard goodbye. I cried like a baby. :(

Quick update...

OK. I haven't kept up this past month. I received my license in the mail. I actually checked the mail and opened it on July 8th. Yeah! So today is July 28th. I spent a day in Atlanta and brought my sweet little niece back to Chicago with me on July18th. She stayed a week and we had so much fun! I cried my eyes out when she left... I am a big baby. :) When will I be getting a job? Soon... I will be looking this week. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 02, 2007

June: Visit to Utah! BIG Family Reunion!

Uncle Scott and Aunt Bobbi are leaving to serve a mission in Adelaide, Australia. We spent a weekend in Utah visiting family before their departure.

Us with Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Scott

Josh - Audrey - Skot - Christi


June: More visit to Utah!

Us with Aunt Janet and Uncle Don

Skotty cuddling new Waldron baby Bobbi Sophia

Cousins Audrey and Eric :) No worries, the mysterious hand is married to the babe being "groped"

Skot and Aunt Kaye, yeah!

June: Scooter in Toronto :)

Skot went to Toronto...

...for the 2007 Idea City Conference. I'm not sure what he enjoyed the most; a week of really cool speakers...

...or his artsy hotel room full of hot chicks?