Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Boarding, boarding, boarding... Christi's kinda boring... Skot's fun... La la la la la la... lol. :) Okay, I will spare you from more of the weird singing. Not sure where that came from. So day two in Utah was snowmobiling (already posted that), day three and four were boarding days. My plan is to compile a lot of my falling down videos for a post. We'll see if I get around to it.
Me trying to snowboard. I'm definitely getting better! Woo Hoo!
Yeah, yeah expert boy. Did you really go down that? Hmmm...
David and Ali Cox ("Ali" from Allison C Photography - she's on my links list)
If you squint you can see Christian doing some boarding trick on that protrusion. Wow, I know so little about this. This is day four, by the way. Skot boarded with Christian and cousin Audrey.
Christian (Heidi's hubby)
Woah. It's really stinking bright. Where are your goggles Skooter? Oh, on top of your head?