Sunday, December 06, 2009

I Owe You An Update

Yes. It is true. I have neglected my posting. Actually, it really was a stall tactic. We have had so much going on and I haven't been able to discuss any of it openly. That can make a girl go mad. So, you may ask, what have you had "going on" lately? Well....


It's okay, just breathe. Shocking, I know. There are many details to share... soon. I'll return to this post within the next couple of days and finish the information sharing. :)

AND..... here I am again.

Where do I start? I don't even know. Ummm..... okay. How about the part where we put our house on the market? Our townhouse was on the market for quite some time. We did a by-owner deal through Kale Realty and sat and waited. For what? We didn't know exactly at first. We were thinking about moving back home at some point in time, we just weren't sure when or what we were supposed to do or what "the right thing" for us to do was. (Did that sentence work?) It took a lot of praying. Then, we waited... for about a year.

We (or I - whatever) finally started feeling like we really needed to move closer to family, then we got pregnant. Talk about finding fresh motivation to get the ball rolling. We had open houses just about every weekend. Finally, a lovely couple decided that they wanted to purchase our home. We closed on November 24th and then our sweet friends, the Warrs, let us take over their basement. We have been living with them since November 19th so that we can finish out our year working here in the Chicago 'burbs.

There is so much more...
- We have packed all our belongings and have been living out of our suitcases since Nov 19th
- We are getting a POD on Saturday and all of our stuff will be delivered to Georgia next week
- I am trying to get licensed in Georgia so I can continue to do my dental hygiene gig; I severely dislike all the paperwork involved.
- I just took a special exam in Wisconsin today so that I might obtain the said Georgia dental hygiene license. (That was slightly stressful).
- We are driving down to Georgia next week... at 32 weeks pregnant... 2 separate cars... 12 hour drive... yikes.
- All this while still working, trying to get ourselves to 6 holiday parties, executing and designing our Christmas card, registering for baby stuff, oh AND lets not forget the Christmas presents...

I might lose my mind people.

That's okay, though. It may sound crazy, but I am okay with our super busy, out of control life right now. I am trying to live in the moment and just enjoy it all because this is such a special time and we will never be able to duplicate it. Thank heavens. :)