Monday, January 26, 2009

Twilight to Dawn

I will revise this post later to add more detailed information.
I just want to say for now that I finally got around to reading the Twilight saga... I disappeared for an entire week. Hubby is glad to have me back, although this does mean that I am distracting him from playing FIFA and Call of Duty on his PS3 now.
I'm sure that I won't find another set of books that drew me in like these did for a while...
Okay, gotta stop while I'm ahead. I feel a couple paragraphs coming on.

So, I had this thing about Twilight at first. I avoided it like an offensive odor. I saw blog entries and Facebook pages plastered with comments, pictures, fan clubs, and events. I couldn't believe that people were having Twilight parties! I thought that it was total madness.
Why did I avoid it? Well, hello... it is a series of teenage books about a girl and her vampire boyfriend. Need I say more?
I suppose the next question is: How did I manage to make myself read these books and why did I like them? Well the first answer is obvious. So many people were reading them and liking them so much, maybe, at the very least, I would like them too. Also, I ran across a copy of the second book, New Moon, at TJ Maxx for $6.99. Even if the books, in my experience, tanked then at least I wouldn't be put out about the money. About a month later I was, once again, at TJ Maxx and just happened to see the first book, Twilight, at the check-out counter, $6.99. Amazing, it was fate.
I like this saga because it was an easy read. I like it because it appealed to the moody, hormonal, indecisive teenager in me that used to be (like I mentioned to my friend Erika who dislikes Twilight). I like it because the character is self-depracating and clumsy - I get that. I like because Stephenie Meyer, the author, has her characters speaking the way I speak. I just get it. It gets me. Well, really it doesn't, but I like to think so.

Pay attention next time


I run about 3 days per week. Through the holidays I usually get tripped up a bit with my schedule. I'm back at home for now and trying to get myself back into step. I prefer running outdoors but have recently succumbed to the toasty indoor heating and bought a limited membership at the local gym so I would have a treadmill to run on while the local frozen tundra remains so.

Saturday (Jan 24th) I was short on time and decided I HAD to get a run in, even if I really only had 20 minutes. Okay, so 20 minutes? No problem. I have training runs on my iPod from Stin Hansen that are 20 minutes of high intensity intervals that totally kick my tail. I can handle the time crunch. As I dressed and left my house there was a small lingering thought in the back of my mind. Skot had mentioned that it was going to be really cold. I pushed the thought away thinking I could take the cold (probably in the 20 degree range, right?), I really could not miss a run, I need it so bad.

So this is how my run went:
Kinda hot already from running through the house to get dressed - double layers.
Leave my pull-over face mask behind, too hot, like I said.
Step out the front door.
Start walking briskly to warm up.
Dang it is cold, my face is freezing. Should I have brought my mask?
Start to walk faster, the cold penetrating through my single layer gloves.
Start a slow jog, I am interval training right?
Start running.
Breathing heavier hurts deep in my chest.
As I progress through each interval - walk, jog, run, run harder - my body continues to freeze.
Aren't I supposed to be warming up?
My face feels strange, I touch my chin only to realize I have temperature induced anesthesia.
My nose, my forehead, my cheeks - all the same - no feeling.
I become more in tune with the rest of my body.
Extremities: butt - frozen, forearms - frozen, thighs - frozen, inside bend at my elbow - frozen?
I tell myself I can endure for 20. Just keep going.
Breathing deeper, more labored, more painful.
My throat is actually burning (chest still hurting).
How cold is it exactly?
Am I out of my mind?
No, I am not out of my mind, just dedicated and I know what keeps my stress levels down, right?
I focus on my last interval set, straining for my best.
I jog home, then walk fast, throat still burning.
I walk in the front door, taking a deep and warm breath in.
Check to see what the temperature is.
At 2:00pm 8 degrees with a wind chill temperature of -6 degrees.
No wonder.
I undress, hop in the shower and cold water pours over my body.
I jump, check the water closer to the shower head - the water is very warm - hot really.
I check around myself realizing...
My skin is so cold that it is turning the warm water into an icy shower.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh, Misery, Depart!

The true temperature right now at 8:03am? NEGATIVE 16 DEGREES! The wind chill factor? NEGATIVE 35 DEGREES! Do I dare leave home? Of course, the show must go on. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wow. What a surprise! I periodically check blogs and websites of people I know just to see what's new. Well today I checked our friend's website and saw pictures of Skot and I! So, if you want to see them just click on this link.

By the way, we will be posting more pics from this shoot later on.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hi, my name is Johnny Cash

Skot was quite the entertainer on Christmas Eve. He has been obsessed with Johnny Cash songs and sang a few for the fam. I joined in for a couple, but I have to careful 'cause he likes his spotlight. :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Snow angels and Tom's Market

I love going into greenhouses in the winter. It feels like summer in the stinkin' cold tundra.
Tom's - a cutie little country store and nursery in the not-so-country-anymore suburbs.
Skot searching for the famous apple cider donuts.
Is this bad?
My first snow angel of the season :)

Sledding with the Warrs (12/20/08)

Jason and Isabel
Monica and Isabel
Christi and Amalea
Skot and Amalea... so cold, but so dang fun!