Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hang In There

I will be posting more from our Utah trip soon...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My fav pics from Daniel's Peak

Waldron lunacy

If I sound a bit upset, it is because I was. Skot was being Mr. Hot Rod, raced as fast as he could down a very long hill and instead of staying on the trail decided to jump another giant hill without knowing what was on the other side. Sorry about the wind noise. We were up pretty high... just under 11'000 feet.

Snowmobiling pics (did I spell that correctly?)

On Thursday the 12th (Happy Birthday sister April) we drove in a northeasterly direction to a place not too far from Park City called Daniel's Summit for a day of snowmobiling. I have never been in my life and had a blast, minus one incident that scared and shocked me (that will come in a future post).
I love driving up Provo Canyon. It is beautiful and I have a ton of fun memories from playing in the parks that line that canyon.
Getting ready.

Gear. Thanks Aunt Bobbie and Cousin Heidi for all the warm stuff.
Puffy marshmallow people. I didn't feel the cold even a tiny bit. OK, so it was 30 degrees outside, which isn't very cold, but when you're going 50 miles per hour on an open vehicle you get pretty cold.
The place.

Trip to UTAH!!!

I am hating Blogger again right now. :( What is the problem here? Is the issue that I am using a Mac? Grrrr... I was trying to type this above the first picture and I cannot get it to stop underlining all my type. ANNOYING!

OK, on a lighter note, Skot and I went to Utah on the 11th and spent several days playing in the snow and with friends and family. We flew in early on the 11th and spent the afternoon reminiscing. We stopped by my old crib at the "Riv" in Provo. I lived in apartment 47 in 1997!

Sweet friends

Our pal Schuyler... Skot and I work with the youth a lot at church and have watched all these cool kids grow up so much over the past 5 1/2 years we've been here in Illinois. This was his Eagle Court of Honor (a bit belated). He left a couple weeks later to serve a full-time mission in Chile. That's way cool. We are so happy for you Schuyler!

Finally... new hair pics.

Okay, so here is the new hair color. I promised a pic of the brown hair quite some time ago. Sorry it took so long. I know I should avoid making negative comments about myself and body, BUT my lips look weird in this picture. What's the deal? Yikes, I think I look older, too. Weird.

Cutie Girls

A couple of my cutie girls from church. What sweethearts. :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This is one of my favorite flowers, the ranunculus. I am not a big pink person, I prefer orange, yellow, and green. I also usually prefer tropicals, but the ranunculus, even though it is small, has so many petals in this tight little bud that it it has impressed me. I grew yellow ranunculus last year in a pot on my front porch. Unfortunately after it was finished blooming and died away during summer, the ground squirrels came hunting and dug up the tuber (or bulb, but I think tuber), so bye-bye yellow ranunculus. 
Notice the nasty snow in the background. I think I am now ready for spring.... no, summer. Spring here in the Chicago area is too much like winter to me. I am ready for summer!