Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

Picture Preview...

More pictures and explanations coming soon. These are from my ultrasound last Friday...

Alrighty now, the update. Our first ultrasound was September 25th and it was at the typical 20 weeks. It was a less-than-happy experience because my ultrasound tech was not very nice to me. I felt harassed and pretty emotional afterward. I had a discussion with the right people and was offered a second ultrasound - not medically necessary, though.

These are the pictures from my 26 week ultrasound. It was an awesome experience!!! The tech was nice and showed us so much. Of course I was able to see all the medically interesting stuff that I want to see, like the four chambers of the heart, skin layer, spinal cord, etc. and that made my day. Then, we were able to just watch the baby be itself for a few minutes. The baby yawned!!! I must tell you, I have never seen anything cuter. That moment made me fall in love with this little package that much more. Human life is amazing. After our sweet moment with the cutest yawn ever, the ultrasound tech showed a profile of the baby's head and happily pointed out that our precious babe has a healthy sucking reflex already. That was another great moment, just watching that cute little mouth open and close.

I could go on forever, I'm afraid. I am in love! Actually, I should say WE are in love. Skot is incredible. He has been the best future-daddy and pregnant lady helper ever.

Fingers... so cute.

Facial profile... so cute.

Knee, calf, and foot... so cute, again.
Our baby practicing pilates. Can you see the thigh, calf, and foot right in front of "it's" face? So cute.
Awww... cutie baby foot.
I think I would rather omit this one. This is the baby's middle finger. Obviously, I didn't request that this picture be taken. Hmmm... I wonder who did? Not as cute.

I still don't know the gender. I still don't WANT to know the gender. I do appreciate my hubby's photoshop skills... BOY?

Some of you out there know the gender... just a reminder... DON'T SLIP!


Sometimes I curse bedtime. Anxiety lurks just around the corner as the sun sets. Will I sleep well tonight or not? Last night was not much fun. Left side, baby rolls and kicks, my shoulder and hip and attached extremities go numb, Skot's rear-end is in my way and he is slumbering like a kitten. Curse him. Right side, baby rolls and kicks some more, numbness ensues, bathroom here I come again... Did I even sleep at all? Ahh, the joys of pregnancy. :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Baby Swimmer Transformation

Just a quick note about the baby and mama. I am doing well, feeling well, and had a great check-up last week with the OB. He said he is very happy with my weight and that I am measuring (from pubic bone to top of uterus) exactly what I should be. How nice to hear. Needless to say, I was glowing after that appointment. What a simple thing to hear, but so important to me right now.

The baby is so ACTIVE! I told a friend the other day that my little swimmer has now transformed into my gymnast / martial artist. I have experienced rolls and little tumbles with some surprising, no, STARTLING kicks that have literally made me jump. Needless to say, it is fun and interesting and all new.


Quickie pics of the angel and kitty and belly.
Halloween night was spent at our friend's house, the Leites.
Just a quick little adjustment of the tail... and an accidental shot of the rotund.
Okay, lighting is poor :( and I really hate that. My angel boy, so pure and cherubic. :)