Friday, February 20, 2009

Ummm... so, yeah.

I really don't care about being cool, so I put no effort into trying. I do, however, put a little effort towards being less awkward. I am one of the clumsiest people I know. Minor-accident prone for sure. You know, stuff like dropping the cereal box, cereal flies everywhere, I grumble while I pick up every little piece. One problem with my improvement efforts... the harder I try, the more awkward I get. That does not make sense! And you know what else doesn't make sense? I walk with ease in high heels. What the heck?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boarding buddies

Valentine's Day... Skot took me out for my first snowboarding experience. Now, in order for you to understand what a huge deal this is for me, you should know that I have never played any sports in my life. Sure, I exercise, I workout, but I am lacking in the coordination skills department. I have heard for years that the first time you go boarding is so hard, all you do is fall down, you get really frustrated. Well, I certainly fell down a lot, but I really didn't get very frustrated, I just kept trying. Thanks to Skooter for being so darn patient. I have never seen him be so patient in the years that I have known him. What a sweetheart! He made the day so easy. :)


Monday, February 02, 2009

Pictures from our Christmas shoot with Chuck

Ok, so I said I needed to get the files converted, but I found a couple Skot had already done on his own. These aren't the ones I want to post, but they'll do for now.

Looks like he should be walking around with a newspaper saying "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" Okay, so he looks cute. What a great smile. :)
I'm not crazy about this shot, but I do look rather joyful. Took a while to get my hair like this.
Scary. Need I say more? Yes, actually, I need. Skot uses this as his screen saver. Is this what he looks at to prepare himself for going home? My goodness. Apparently all the smothering with hugs and kisses just isn't enough...

Did I Mention?

Did I happen to mention that I dyed my hair yet again? It is brown. Medium brown I'd say, with a hint of red. Maybe next I will go all red? Who knows. I use a Magic 8 Ball to decide my hair cut and color choices. It is ever-changing and unpredictable baby. Soon I will post pics of the brownness (is that even a word?).

Did I mention that we had some awesome pictures taken again with Chuck Shotwell? Did I mention that I'm a slacker and haven't put any on the blog? Geez, what will it take to motivate me? The problem is that these pics are very high rez (as in I can zoom in and see individual pores in my skin). I can't just stick them on here. Your page would never finish downloading. The internet would crash and burn!!! (Dun, Du, Duuuuuhhhhnn) <- That is a sound effect. Do you get it? Anyhoo, (a little Canadian for Chrissy Claussen) there are a bunch of mega-big files that need to be converted to little-bitty internet-worthy files - that people can't steal - before I can post them. Soon I will post those pics and you won't have to read so many of my words any more seeing that I have been only posting blog entries lately with lots of words and no pictures and you are saying what's the deal I'm not reading all those words that's too much work what does she think I am, educated?

Do you like my run-on sentence? Hope so. C :)