Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learning, learning, learning

I wish I could be hired to learn for the rest of my life. The list of things I want to learn is so extensive. I don't care to list them now, but that is what is on my mind tonight. OK, I'll say one. It just so happens that it is one I am currently working on.  - Playing the piano -   I know, it is terribly cliche'. That's alright with me. I started my lessons one year ago. It makes Skot proud to see me progress. He is a pretty good pianist. One day I plan on really impressing him. For now he gets to laugh at the simplicity of my abilities. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ambushed... my sweet husband. I went running on Saturday. It just so happens that it was also raining. Skot got such a kick out of my shower/run session that he decided to drive around the neighborhood, find me, and take pictures. Funny boy.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Family time... Labor Day weekend

Some of Skot's family came to visit. Mom and Dad (EJ and Bob) and Bro/Sis-In-Law (Robbie and Kali) came up from Georgia. It was a nice visit... a few pics.
At the Hancock building overlooking the city.
Celebrating Robbie's BDay.
Me. Happy visiting the Smart Home on the campus of The Museum of Science and Industry. It was awesome. Skot and I have been looking at what and how we want to build a home in our future. One of our favorite housing websites happens to be and it just so happens that this house at the museum was designed by the same Michelle Kaufmann. Way cool. 
My way cutie boy. Not the best picture choice seeing that he is in the middle of a sentence... but still, he's my cutie.
The way coolio house. I love it, love it, love it! Check out for more info on the Smart Home.

House and Work

We have been doing a lot of work on the house lately. There are so many projects we have worked on over the past four years. Some have taken a back seat for quite some time. Now, they are getting finished! Thank goodness!

I bought Skot a laser level. He is using it, and well. I was totally impressed by his little grouping of pics on our bedroom wall. I tend to be a perfectionist and was slightly scared about what the results might be. Who could complain? This is great (although the picture I took is slightly distorted because of the angle). Good job Skot!
Living room. Finally finished. Happy people get to check this off the To Do List.
Kitchen leading into the dining area... mostly finished. I am repotting the plants in the dining area, adding something taller to the sideboard on the back wall.